CleatsLook Keo Road Cleats

CleatsLook Keo Road Cleats

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Genuine Look replacement cleats for Look Keo Pedals, these cleats are available in three float options: The black option offers a fixed foot position with no float, grey allows 4.5° of float and red allows 9 degrees of float. Each option is sold as a pair.
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CleatsLook Keo Road Cleats

A genuine Look, the Look Keo Pedal Cleats are compatible with three-bolt road shoes and Look Keo road pedals. The non-slip rubber base makes times when you're off the bike and walking a little easier and coloured tips indicate when it's time for replacement.

Red Cleats – 9 Degrees of Float

Red Keo cleats are perhaps the most popular among casual fitness cyclists but are used by a wide range of athletes. They're characterized by a nine-degree float range (four-and-a-half degrees in each direction), which allows for free movement and low joint stress. The float’s pivot point is in the center of the cleat, allowing the toes to point in a wide range of angles. This large float range also provides more room for error when setting up your cleats. If you're new to cycling, experience knee pain, lack flexibility, or simply don’t know where to start, Look's red Keo cleats are your best bet.

Grey Keo Cleats – 4.5 Degrees of Float

Grey Keo cleats exist as a middle-ground between red and black. Grey cleats have just over two degrees of float in each direction, allowing for a small range of movement while still delivering a high amount of pedalling efficiency. The float pivot point is at the front of the cleat, which eliminates lateral sliding movement while allowing a small amount of angle change from the pivot point back towards the heel. 

Black Keo Cleats – 0 Degrees of Float (Fixed)

Black Keo cleats have no float and are 100% fixed in position. This makes them great for sprinters, professional athletes, or people who value the most efficient power transfer possible and are not prone to knee pain. Note that black Keo cleats require that you know your optimal cleat position precisely, and you are comfortable adjusting your cleats into that perfect position.

Thinking of changing your cleat position? Book in for a bike fitting consultation by clicking here!

Cleats - Look Keo Road Cleats
  • Keo black:
  • Fixed position with no float for complete efficiency and rigid form
  • Keo grey:
  • 4.5-degrees of float for a balance of comfort and efficiency
  • Keo red:
  • 9-degrees of float for comfort, ideal for riders whose feet move naturally during their pedal stroke
Cleats - Look Keo Road Cleats
      • Nylon resin cleat
      • Non-slip rubber base for easier walking
      • Compatible with three bolt road shoes
      • Compatible with Look Keo road pedals only
      • Coloured wear indicator tips
      • Smooth entry and exit action
      • Includes mounting hardware

Cleats - Look Keo Road Cleats
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