How to choose the right cycling jersey, jacket or gilet?

For hot summer riding, a lightweight short-sleeved jersey that offers a high level of breathability will keep you cool, while if you’re out in early spring or late autumn a long-sleeved, windproof jersey protects against the draughts. For winter, a thermal softshell jacket with fleecy insulation traps the heat in and keeps the chill out.

Why is body temperature so important in cycling?

If your body starts to overheat, your power output drops as the amount of work your muscles can do are automatically limited; too cold and blood is diverted away from the extremities as the vital organs are prioritised. As we all know, there’s nothing worse than freezing extremities for ruining, what should be, enjoyable winter rides.

What is a gilet useful for?

The cycling gilet is arguably the most versatile garment of all. Lightweight and sleeveless to allow unhindered movement, it adds an extra layer of windproofing and water repellence, bridging the gap between jersey and jacket. Perfect in spring or autumn, or for early starts when it’s still chilly. In addition, a gilet is easily packable into a jersey pocket if the day warms up and its services are no longer required.

Are jerseys and jackets for adventure riding the same as for road riding?

We’ll never tell you what you should or shouldn’t wear – what matters is that you’re riding your bike – but for gravel or adventure riding it’s a good thing to go for more robust fabrics. A casual fit can make an adventure jersey more versatile, and if you’re planning on wearing a backpack or water bladder, you benefit from more robust, breathable materials and side pockets for storage.

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Our short-sleeved and long-sleeved merino jerseys harness all the qualities of the soft, fine sheep wool – it’s breathable, holds little odour and is supremely comfortable. Having been in the business since 1860 we know a thing or two about what makes a good wool jersey. Meanwhile, true to our commitment to sustainable manufacturing, we use recycled polyester in jerseys, jackets and gilets which are made from manmade technical fabrics. All Pearson jackets, jerseys and gilets, whatever they’re made from, marry contemporary performance with top-quality tailoring and timeless style.

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