The 1860 hub is our Pearson journal. Stories of old and new. People and places. News and culture. Please join us in conversation.

  • The Great Escape-Pearson1860

    The Great Escape

    Pearson’s Adventure cycling collection has been designed for intrepid exploration. So, a journey that starts in south-west London might take you further than you ever imagined.
  • Plight of the Navigators: Trusting our internal GPS-Pearson1860

    Plight of the Navigators: Trusting our internal GPS

    Got a taste for adventure riding? Leave the cycling computer at home and not only will you be following our ancient ancestors, you’ll give your brain a workout, too. 
  • Always Read the Label: Because It’s There-Pearson1860

    Always Read the Label: Because It’s There

    Whether riders or rock-climbers, the mountains have called adventurers for generations. Pearson’s Adventure collection raises a glass - champagne, naturally - to an icon of exploration.   When you’ve been around as long as Pearson has, that’s a lot of history. A lot of wandering off the map. A lot of firsts. We like to think of that history as a palette of influences,...
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