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    The Cop26 summit held in Glasgow over the past fortnight has offered genuine hope for the future. Some say cycling wasn’t given its due at the event but to simply heap the blame on Bojo and co is to miss a key point. Picture by UK Green Building CouncilWith the Cop26 climate conference having drawn to a close, representatives of the attending nations are...
  • Shimano 12 speed

    What’s new with Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra 12-speed?

    We’re expecting a drop of Shimano’s latest 12-speed Ultegra groupset at Pearson soon and will be offering it as an option on our road bike range, which you can pre-order now. What’s new with 12-speed Ultegra and Dura-Ace? They’ve been a long time in the works, rumoured to be appearing for years now, with an equal number of rumours about what they’d offer that...
  • Group Therapy - Mental Health Awareness Day

    Group Therapy - Mental Health Awareness Day

    Going riding with your nearest and dearest can be the equivalent of a ‘brain vaccine’. Ahead of World Mental Health Day, Pearson invites you to buddy up, saddle up and roll on out.


    Inspired by the original ‘mockumentary’, Minegoestoeleven is the flagship of the Pearson Road cycling collection. A versatile, full-carbon road bike it is equally suited to both the everyday cyclist and the aspiring race rider.
  • THE NEW ABNORMAL-Pearson1860


    The decline in public transport use is unlikely to be terminal but something significant is happening in the way we navigate our towns and cities by bike.
  • The bicycle. A golden opportunity to change gear.-Pearson1860

    The bicycle. A golden opportunity to change gear.

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    Despite such a terrible backdrop of the Covid crisis, this is truly a golden opportunity to make cycling a serious part of our daily transport. Not just for London, but across our nation’s towns and cities. The reasons are many.
  • Introducing Pearsons New Insulated Road Bib Shorts-Pearson1860

    Introducing Pearsons New Insulated Road Bib Shorts

    It’s a strange suggestion, to make firm something designed to be flexible. Stiffen the sinews, the fibres that connect your muscles to your bones. Any cyclist will tell you that warm and well-stretched is a far better state. At Pearson we’re not averse to a bit of artistic license.     We’ve always interpreted Henry V’s rousing speech to his compatriots not simply as...
  • Survival of the Fittest: The Evolution of Man. (And Bib Tights…)-Pearson1860

    Survival of the Fittest: The Evolution of Man. (And Bib Tights…)

    Responsibly designed from recycled materials, Pearson’s new cold-weather bib tights offer exceptional comfort and performance. They are built around a unique pad, whose construction is informed by a decade’s worth of bike-fitting data, accumulated at Pearson Performance
  • Gravel Unravelled Evening. Pearson Sheen-Pearson1860

    Gravel Unravelled Evening. Pearson Sheen

    A demystification of gravel riding for all types of rider interested in this exciting new form of cycling. Talks and experiences from experts and newly adopted gravel riders.
  • Stiffen the Sinews: An Alternative Guide to Wellbeing.-Pearson1860

    Stiffen the Sinews: An Alternative Guide to Wellbeing.

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    The phrase ‘stiffen the sinews’ first entered popular consciousness in 1599, when William Shakespeare’s Henry V galvanised his countrymen on the eve of a fictional battle of Agincourt. Frankly, the...
  • When Adventure Comes Calling

    When Adventure Comes Calling

    Our new Adventure products are created for customers who take the road less travelled.
  • Sustainable cycling  and the next generation

    Sustainable cycling  and the next generation

    Christmas is a time for family, and Pearson 1860 has been a family cycling business for 160 years. Now in the hands of a fifth generation, we hope future Pearsons will continue our mission, to get more people cycling and produce the most sustainable bikes and kit.
  • In the beginning: 1860, a year in brief-Pearson1860

    In the beginning. 1860 a year in brief.

    When Tom Pearson, our founder, first opened for business, in 1860, he probably thought his humble bike shop was a low-key affair. At least compared with what else was happening around the world...
  • Wellbeing: Natural Highs-Pearson1860

    Wellbeing: Natural Highs

    We know cycling is good for both body and mind, even if we’re not exactly sure why. It releases endorphins. That’s the best most of us can muster as we regale some poor soul with the time-splits for our latest sportive, or the benefits of hill reps. Heaven forbid we’ll be asked to explain what endorphins actually are.
  • Introducing the 160 Year Old Cyclist-Pearson1860

    Introducing the 160 Year Old Cyclist

    After over a century and a half in business, it still comes back to the same things  -  be kind and look after your customers. We’ve had one friend longer than any other, Fraser has been with us since the beginning.
  • Test Your Mettle-Pearson1860

    Test Your Mettle

    At Pearson, we design the bikes in our Road collection to ensure you get the most from your riding experience. We design them to provide an optimal position, then build them to guarantee years of comfortable use.
  • Introducing the new Pearson 1860 Adventure Collection

    Introducing the new Pearson 1860 Adventure Collection

    You might know that our founder Tom Pearson first opened his shop in 1860. You might know that from mending boneshakers and penny-farthings we expanded into other bikes. And today Pearson is the oldest bike business in the world. You might not know that at the ripe old age of 159 (and counting) Pearson Cycles is proud to announce an exciting new direction. It’s...
  • Origin Stories

    Origin Stories

    Pearson bikes are designed with personality and to celebrate all aspects of our national character. So, when it comes to choosing their names, we take inspiration from some unusual sources.
  • Pearson 1860 - a new era-Pearson1860

    Pearson 1860 - a new era

    We are proud to announce a new direction for Pearson, with the launch of a new concept called Pearson 1860.
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