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The Pearson Steeplechase is an exciting new sportive event with two disciplines to choose from, both based from our HQ at Hurtwood Polo Club. Select either a 100km road or a 60km gravel route and disappear into the beauty of Surrey on or off road.


Whichever course you choose, riders will be required to pass five checkpoints all of which are, funnily enough, church steeples. The event is likely to be competitive but, like the Lord’s house, all are welcome. Indeed, for those of you who conclude that slow-and-steady doesn’t win the race but frankly who cares, Pearson will be waiting at the finish line with a beverage or two. Because, in contrast to the abundance of steeples you’ll encounter en route, the Pearson Steeplechase concludes at just the one pub.

Steeplechase route map


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