Featuring striking colours and ingenious design, our new apparel collection for men and women sees Pearson heading in a new direction.

Prisma collection

You might have noticed our new range looks a bit different. There’s the particularly bold colour palette for starters. Turns out you can have too many monochromatic cycling jerseys and bib shorts – after 160-plus years in the business, who knew? In addition to handsome new hues, we’ve also introduced innovative functionality. Key to the bicycle’s design is its simplicity and hence why it has barely changed in 140 years. The first single-geared bike was invented in 1885 but it was the best part of 50 years later that the rear derailleur came along (in 1928); and almost another century until electronic shifting became a thing. As these developments and our new products show, there’s occasionally room for improvement.

We’ve called our new collection ‘Prisma’, a name with various origins. One of the earliest dates back to Ancient Greece, where it was used to describe ‘something sawed’ (as in cut in two). Pearson’s Prisma collection takes its cue from the more established etymology, ‘prismatic’ or relating to a prism. And describes the glass instrument which, in creating a spectrum of bright colours, literally allows you to see the light.

Prisma women's collection

And you might say that here at Pearson we’ve seen the light too. After all, the numerous health benefits of riding outside, in all kinds of conditions, is a fundamental part of every ride. Take riding in the gloom of winter, for example, when even a brief dose of natural light can boost your mood. Or else a wet spin through the city, when the rain transforms the beams from cars and streetlamps to create a dazzling light show (and the occasional wet bum). Then, when spring springs and summer soars, pedalling through those long, light-filled days feels like a release from darker times.

This new direction for Pearson apparel is the brainchild of Annie Lancaster, our lead product designer. “Everything we create is intended to help cyclists improve their physical and mental wellbeing,” Annie explains. “That’s why we opted for bright colourful clothing that oozes energy. There’s no shortage of black bib shorts available so we wanted to find ways to help riders express a bit more individuality.”

Prisma Men's collection

As the cycling writer Paul Fournel once wrote: “To look good is already to go fast.” Point being, whether you’re pushing yourself to your limits or just popping to the shops, you might as well do it in style. The collection’s radiant colours also emphasise something even the most carefree rider can overlook – cycling is meant to be fun. That’s why, despite our new makeover, the new Prisma collection contains plenty of ‘Pearsonisms’. For example, we’ve christened our new cargo bib shorts Brace Yourself. This curiously British idiom is a versatile phrase employed by dentists and drill sergeants alike. Or how about our new merino tee, And Dream of Sheep. Dyed with a ‘refracted-light’ pattern, it takes its name from the melodic ballad by Kate Bush. 

As with every Pearson bike, beautiful form is nothing without exceptional function. That’s why, across the Prisma collection, you’ll find numerous design improvements. Slip into our new cycling shorts and you’ll get twice as many bib straps for your bucks; featuring four straps rather than two, they alleviate any pressure points in the fit. Graphics and logos have been updated for a more contemporary aesthetic and Annie has also created clever storage solutions.

The new Prisma adventure riding jersey has a large ‘envelope’ pocket on the front, made from a rip-stop fabric that will withstand ‘hungry hands’ when you break for a, well, break. Other features are designed to be there when you need them and unobtrusive when you don’t; the matching adventure bibs, for example, have side pockets that are perfect for valuables but virtually invisible when empty. Or our new mesh road jersey, which features six ‘gel loops’ on the midriff for easy access to energy shots, an idea borrowed from ultra-running. 

Adventure collection Prisma

And because we’ve thought of everything, the care labels across the Prisma range are made from an environmentally friendly thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). They’re positioned externally (easy to read), beautifully designed and, in the unlikely event they find their way into landfill, will biodegrade in a couple of years (as opposed to never).

Road collection Prisma

On the subject of sustainability, we’ve also revised some of the fabrics we use. Previously, you might have found lots of recycled materials in our garments. We still endeavour to use recycled materials where we can but the industry’s ever-evolving understanding of what constitutes ‘sustainability’ means we’re continually adapting. Put simply, in some instances it’s preferable to select fabrics that will have a longer life than use recycled ones which, even with the best of intentions, might find their way into landfill more quickly. Otherwise, our fabrics for this season are chosen for their high-performing features, be it their breathability and minimal weight, or they’re quick-drying and odour resistant and, most importantly of all, comfortable. 


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