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As the hour strikes lockdown o’clock once more, if you are off-road curious, tune in, chill out, and let our very own Guy Pearson be your guide to adventure.


“The gravel bike is undoubtedly the most adaptable bike in history.”
– Alfie Pearson, my nephew.

I explain the reasons why...

Why Gravel?  To get off the road, de-stress, widen your horizons and develop new skills. This type of bike riding is more interesting and engaging than anything you've done before – and it’s also pretty safe for all ages. See the world around you and get closer to the natural environment. Demanding on the whole body, not just your legs but also keeping your balance and focusing your mind.

pearson gravel bike gravel riding

Ride to pastures new.

What?  There’s nothing new about going off road on bikes but now it has been given a title. Bikes that are suitable for all terrains have been developed from broad influences such as cyclo-cross and touring models. A bike that will perform well off- and on-road, stripped down or fully laden with luggage, for a long haul or short spin. No surface is unsuitable and rides are typically made by joining up gravel sections by road. 

A gravel bike is so versatile. It can be an adventurer’s ticket to finding pastures new, it can be a tourer’s wagon to load up and head off. Stick road tyres on and it will keep up with any racer, or fit mudguards and commute through the pandemic. 

When?  Whenever. Gravel riding might sound like the be all and end all but it really does fit into your own lifestyle. From a short, time-efficient blast through the local woods that distracts the mind and burns some calories, to a three-day soul-searching bikepacking jaunt that brings a great sense of purpose and achievement, the gravel bike will always present an opportunity. What’s more, it is never weather dependent.

Women gravel bike pearson carbon off grid
Breathtaking. Exercise in clean air.


Where?  There are no boundaries. You don't have to go far from home, every rural and urban area has trails. There’s nothing more fascinating than following an ancient canal path through a city and seeing it from a whole new perspective; or more satisfying than diving through a gap in the hedge and emerging on a familiar road with the exclamation: “Oh, we're here!”

Irons in te fire steel gravel bikes for adventure riding

Take our new HQ in Sheen London for example: uninterrupted off-road trails along the banks of the River Thames. Three major canal towpaths locally. Large areas of open land nearby, such as Wimbledon Common, featuring designated cycle trails. Close by are the Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with mile upon mile of secluded bridleways. As are the purpose built, off-road cycle trails around local Royal Parks such as Richmond and Bushy. 

gravel riding expedition

However, if you are an adrenaline junkie, you too can tackle the most challenging terrains that would normally be the domain of fat-tyred, full-suss mountain bikes!

How?  Make the leap, you won’t regret it. A new gravel bike will fit you just as well as any road bike, if not better. Riding position is largely the same, if a little more upright than on a road bike, giving more control over the tricky bits. Enjoy the benefits of great advancements in tech, such as hydraulic modulated disc brakes, simplified gears, high-volume grippy tyres with low rolling resistance and a comfortable riding position that puts you in better control.

To test ride our adventure models such as Off-Grid and Irons In The Fire, just book an appointment here.


And don’t just take Guy’s word for it, here’s what our Pearson staff and customers are saying:

"Off Grid - excellent all rounder. Good for roads and tracks. Comfortable" Morag.

“All my bikes are off-roaders. For me, tarmac is just another surface to ride on.” Wilf Sinclair, Pearson workshop manager.

“I get off the road at every opportunity especially when I'm training for the cross.” James Furniss. (And East Kent Cyclo-Cross Champion 2020.)

“It helps me find my happy place, which is usually the fridge.” Jack Buxton, Pearson marketing and sales.

“Coffee tastes nicer when you’re wet and muddy: fact.”  Dr. Lucy Tisch.

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