Nemone X Pearson: Tyre Tracks Playlist Volume 3

It’s that time of year when getting outside to ride might not have the usual appeal. Thankfully, 6 Music DJ Nemone has once again curated an exclusive playlist of inspiring tracks; over to you, Nemone.

"How lovely to be rounding up the year in music with you again here; reflecting on the last 12 months, emerging from whatever the year has brought, perhaps with a little time to reflect over the festive period and beyond into the new year. Here are the songs that have accompanied me on festival adventures, mountain cycles, surfing endeavours and a continued journey into understanding how music moves us on every level. Hope you enjoy listening as much as I have gathering these aural gems." - Nemone.
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Zoon Van Snook - Cusco 
This has been my go to ambient chill out track for a while now. A blissful entry into this year’s playlist. 
Elanor Moss - Cosmic Memory 
Wistful and mournful to gloriously soothing effect. 
Nadine Khouri - Keep On Pushing These Walls 
Lovely this new Nadine Khouri track, John Parish involved in producing who has been involved in production for the likes of PJ Harvey and Dry Cleaning. There is a gorgeous arrangement on this.
Bam! And there they go again. Creating magic. I have been enjoying the ALASKALASKA output for a while now and Glass is no exception. 
Cracking nu pop out of NYC. This little beauty landed at the back end of 2022 and has made every playlist I’ve made since. Born-and-bred New Yorkers, MICHELLE is made up of Sofia D’Angelo, Julian Kaufman, Charlie Kilgore, Layla Ku, Emma Lee and Jamee Lockard with the largely POC and queer collective mixing and matching the writing and production between them all. 
Jitwam - Brooklyn Ballers
Jitwam - Brooklyn Ballers 
Oooff this one wormed its way into my consciousness this year. Jitwam first came to my attention collaborating with another favourite of mine in Girls of the Internet and his solo outings do not disappoint.
La Dame - Watcha Gonna Do feat. Goldie B 
I have always enjoyed La Dame’s production and the way she blends beats and vocals. Of this EP she says she was heavily inspired by "furtives" — polymorphous urban creatures that metabolize everything they touch, from Alain Damasio's science-fiction novel named "Les Furtifs". As a big reader, La Dame loves trying to create bridges between music and literature driven by her passion for music and languages. 
ATRIP & niina - In The Booth (Extended) 
Loving this hook up between German Polish producer ATRIP and electronic one-woman project niina for hypnotic In The Booth.
Nala & Nikki Nair - The World Is Always Ending 
This little banger landed earlier in 2022 and I couldn’t get enough of the combined talents of from Atlanta DJ and producer Nair and Los Angeles DJ, producer and vocalist Nala … reminiscent of late nineties big beat classics. 
Dan Shake - Verde (Edit)
 Dan Shake - Verde (Edit)  
What a cracking little bouncy number from Dan Shake where he says he’s expressing himself without a need to fuel specific dance floor moments, rather make music purely for the love of making music again. He explains. “It’s the most natural track I’ve ever written. Relocating to Devon and being surrounded by nature has really altered my creativity, like starting fresh.”
Nightwave - The Oracle from the Prince of Flowers EP
This is CLASS … love Maya’s melding of tech beats and nature … with her saying that the Prince Of Flowers EP marries her continuous exploration of electronic music alongside her studies of plant medicines and the traditions of the Amazon rainforest. For the last few years she’s tried to merge the energies, joy and melodies of the two worlds together and see where it takes her. Turns out it all comes from the same place.
Tom Rasmussen - Dysphoria 
Tom is heading out on the road you’ll be be able to catch them live next year. And they say of Dysphoria is about the pain and the ecstasy of wishing you were someone else, about how it feels to have someone look you in the eye and understand what you're feeling. A song about all those nights we danced until the sun came up in the hope that, even for a moment, we could access the ever evasive feeling of freedom.”
Jamie XX - Let’s Do It Again
Jamie XX - Let’s Do It Again 
Oh this song lit up all the dance floors I played to this year. Such a sense of euphoria and of an experience you just don’t want to end. The XX’s Jamie XX simply did it again.
KH - Looking At Your Pager 
Phwoar here’s a producer who is just nailing it every time. Kieran Hebden - who also releases music under his Fourtet moniker - unleashed this absolute banger across this year, firstly in his own sets and then everyone else’s. It has been my ‘if all else fails’ track of 2022. 
Future Utopia - Queen L (Extended Mix) 
Future Utopia has delighted ears this year and none more so then with his tribute to hip hop royalty Queen Latifah. Multi-award-winning, internationally acclaimed artist, producer, songwriter, and musician Fraser T Smith sampling Queen Latifah’s 1989 classic Dance For Me saying his earliest memories of Queen Latifah stretch back to when he was at school with Tom Rowlands from The Chemical Brothers, and they would play Run DMC, Queen Latifah and Public Enemy tunes. Queen Latifah has always been in his orbit.
Love Remain - Like Home 
Another fave producer of mine Lau:ra, who’s up next in this playlist, chose to play this track with me on one of my 6 Music shows over Christmas. Her choice was by the excellent Love Remain.
lau.ra x Rye Rye - I See You (Junior Simba Remix) 
Love her production as per … and this is a great remix of the splendid original. 
Barry Can’t Swim feat. Laurence Guy - Can We Still Be Friends?
Barry Can’t Swim feat. Laurence Guy - Can We Still Be Friends? 
This sumptuous sound of summer landed in the midst of the sweltering heatwave in UK. A match made in heaven between Edinburgh-born, London-based producer Barry Can’t Swim and fellow Londoner, producer, DJ and Rinse FM host Laurence Guy. They marvel at how the track emerged naturally after fan boying over each other’s music and them deciding to make a tune together. Within a week, Laurence had sent a beat and Barry laid down some keys + melodies and Can We Still Be Friends was born.
Hannah Peel & Paraorchestra - If After Weeks Of Early Sun 
I totally fell for this collaboration when I interviewed Hannah about it back in April for my psychotherapy and music programme Journeys In Sound on 6 Music. I was lucky enough to get to see them live at the Barbican the following month. They were spellbinding. If After Weeks of Early Sun is from The Unfolding which is an eight-part collaboration between Mercury and Emmy nominated Northern Irish composer Hannah Peel and Bristol’s Paraorchestra, whose ensemble feature professional disabled and non-disabled musicians, playing a mix of analogue, digital, and assistive instruments. It is well worth a deeper dive into the whole project. 
High Season - Pavillion  
This is a collab of Chloe and Ben Shemie who worked together on Chloe’s Endless Revisions - my album of the year when it came out in 2017 - another one that’s worth checking out if it’s not reached your ears yet.
Moloko - The Time Is Now (Ben Gomori's Seize The Day Reconstruction) 
And this is not officially out and so I haven’t been able to include the track here yet … but it’s a fabulous rework by one of my favourite producers of one of my favourite artists and is well worth waiting for … tbc. You should be able to listen to and get hold of it from Ben Gomori’s Bandcamp pages soon.
LeTo - Gin Nothing - out 30th Dec
This are glorious vibes … urgent beat with wonk. Fleeting moments of The adventures of Stevie V and Dirty Cash in here for me … see where it takes you … 
Ben Gregory - Deathbed Hangover (Radio Edit) 
Urgent and plaintive … I found this unsettling in a good way. This track changes from moment to moment and I loved the journey.  
Leland Whitty - Silver Rain
Leland Whitty - Silver Rain   
Stereogum called the album this came from "A jazz cascade of cinematic strings, horns, woodwinds, and synths" when talking about the solo album from BadBadNotGood’s Leland Whitty. A glorious wistful wintery jazz meander. 
H.C. McEntire - New View 
Stunning country-esque meandering on H.C McEntire’s New View …  She was brought up in the Blue Ridge foothills of rural Appalachia before going on to take a B.F.A. in Creative Writing. Firstly establishing an authentic, soulful voice as frontwoman of Mount Moriah she later provided backing vocals for Angel Olsen’s band, striking out on her own in 2018 with her debut solo LP LIONHEART.
Move 78 - But What If We’re Wrong 
What a track title? This spoke to me with everything we’ve experienced politically, socio-economically and globally in the last 12 months … ‘What if’ indeed! 
David Cane Hardy - Hypnotic Vibes
Chris Coco gave me a heads up about this. Beautifully chilled guitar led track. Perfect as we wind down. 
WMD - Yearn 
I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to end this 3 volume of Pearson Tyre Tracks Playlist. I hope the break over the festive period, if you’re getting one, is peaceful and restorative and - if you’re not getting a conventional break - that this playlist can engender relaxation, space and a sense of peace. 

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