Kick Back (a Shorts History)

Whether you’re balancing work, life, or a tray in the beer garden, Pearson’s Kick Back Shorts offer style, performance and sustainability. Perfect for post-lockdown riding. 

By William Pearson.

Pearson kick back shorts

We Brits have an alarming number of ways to describe our leisure time. Not so long ago, ‘veg out’ was once the go-to descriptor for a spot of R&R but now feels dated, a bit Bridget Jones’ Diary. These days it’s just as likely to be a vegan option on Deliveroo. (Or, and this is true, a vegetarian restaurant on the B2145, just outside Chichester.)

‘Dear old Bridge’, as cad-in-chief Daniel Cleaver liked to purr, was equally partial to a ‘duvet day’, although given the enforced amount of time we’ve all spent at home over the past year or so, a sneaky day under the covers has lost some of its appeal.

Pearson kick back shorts

If you’re more of a ‘Netflix and chill’ kind of cat, then until very recently you probably thought you were surfing the zeitgeist all the way to the beach. Today, you won’t find a single Gen Z’er uttering the phrase in all of Hackney. Frankly, given the pace of technological change, it’s quite likely that by the time you read this, Tik Tok will be positively de trop.

Describing how you unwound never used to be this complicated. Even David Cameron’s ill-advised ‘chillaxing’ seemed innocuous, despite the fuss that followed its first appearance, in a 2012 biography of the former PM. At least it did what it said on the tin. Which might make our new(ish) Kick Back Shorts seem rather trad. In fact, they’re just the opposite, created for the way we’re increasingly likely to live in the post-pandemic world. Launched last year, and now available in a new olive colourway, the shorts are designed to be worn on and off the bike. Whether you’re at home, at work or, as is most likely for the majority of us, in the home-office. (By which we mean the spare room, not where you run the risk of being bullied by Priti Patel.) What’s more, we’re confident that once you’ve tried them, you won’t want to wear anything else.

Pearson Kick Back Shorts

Smartly cut with classic British tailoring, the Kick Back Shorts are made from a technical fabric that features carbon-infused polyamide, which ensures durability but also excellent temperature control. Pearson’s commitment to sustainability means they have been manufactured for a long product life. Not only are they odour-resistant, so you won’t need to wash them as often, they’re also crease-resistant which means they won’t need ironing either.

Pearson Kick Back Shorts

Packed with functionality, the water-repellent material makes Kick Back suitable for a range of conditions and four-way stretch in the fabric guarantees comfort, even when riding hard. The front fastener has an ‘antipop’ mechanism, meaning it will come only loose when required and two front pockets provide easy access. Two rear pockets have plenty of room for supplies, one zipped for valuables, the other with a popper.Pearson Kick back shortsJoin our many other customers who are enjoying these best sellers! 

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